Modern Cloud Printing

Printix offers a cloud-based print management solution that revolutionizes printing in the modern workspace. This SaaS platform enables organizations of various sizes to bypass the installation of conventional on-site print management applications and their corresponding servers.

· Key Advantages of Printix:

· Adaptable and Scalable: Experience a superior, simpler, and more resilient printing method that adapts to your business needs.

· Cost and Complexity Reduction: Significantly lower your printing operation expenses and alleviate the IT workload with a swift return on investment.

· User-Friendly Operation and Management: Boost staff efficiency with an easy-to-use interface and streamlined administrative processes.

· Enhanced Value with a Comprehensive Portfolio: Enhance your existing Tungsten ControlSuite™ on-premises solution with Printix’s cloud printing capabilities for a more robust print management system.

Advantages of Tungsten Automation Cloud Print Management:

· Authentic Cloud-Based Service: Unlike many competitors who offer only partial cloud solutions, our service is a true cloud-based managed print service, eliminating the need for additional services or extensive on-site infrastructure.

· Cost Reduction Through Infrastructure Simplification: Transition from traditional print servers to our cloud-managed print infrastructure, cutting down significantly on in-house infrastructure expenses, as well as service, support, and maintenance costs.

· Enhanced Employee Productivity: Leverage automatic detection of your print network, smart print driver selection, and auto-installation of print queues based on location, group, or user preference. Enjoy the convenience of printing from any device to any printer, anywhere.

· Rapid ROI with SaaS: Benefit from our SaaS model’s swift provisioning and easy customer onboarding. Avoid the hassle of installation and configuration, and always stay up-to-date with the latest software versions that update automatically.

· Streamlined, Centralized Management: Manage printer deployments with ease, providing automatic updates from any location at any time. Maintain the latest software across clients and drivers from a single management point.

· Contemporary Cloud Printing: Embrace the freedom to print from any device, at any time, to any printer. Our platform supports a wide range of operating systems, including Windows, Mac, Chromebook, iOS, and Android.

Serverless Architecture Features:

· Network Streamlining: Remove print servers and transition to a secure, cloud-based print management system.

· Effortless Print Management: Gain centralized control over printer deployment, with the convenience of automatic updates from anywhere, at any time.

· Flexible Printing Options: Utilize the Printix App to release documents at the printer or choose the Print Later option to send documents to any printer, whenever needed.

· Intuitive Printer Integration: Benefit from the automatic detection and integration of printers and drivers within your network, with seamless printer and queue management as users relocate.

· Seamless User Authentication: Access Printix securely with single sign-on options through Microsoft Azure AD, Google Workspace, OKTA, or OneLogin.

· Centralized Control Panel: Manage printers, queues, and drivers from a central console. Effortlessly add printers using mobile devices and ensure user computers have the latest queues.

· Mobile Printing Capability: Print directly from mobile devices, including Android and iOS/iPadOS, to any Printix-enabled printer.

· Enhanced Print Security: Implement card-based secure printing, allowing document release via a printer’s touchscreen panel using a card or ID code.

· Document Capture and Routing: Easily scan or capture documents and route them to designated workflows, such as Email, Microsoft SharePoint Online, or OneDrive.

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