Election Ballot Processing

Voting ballot for the US election to vote by mail during the COVID-19 Pandemic

INDICIUM Ballot Processing combines fast and reliable document scanning with an easy-to-use software interface powered by intelligent handwriting recognition.

Ballot signatures are automatically processed and compared against a Voter Registration database. INDICIUM then calculates a score and signatures are either validated and exported to Election Management software or flagged for review by an operator. Each ballot is stamped with the date & time it was processed as well as a unique document identifier for quick retrieval. INDICIUM Ballot Processing saves both time and resources and enhances the integrity of Federal, State and Local elections.

  • Efficiency: Automated signature verification speeds up the ballot processing workflow, allowing election officials to handle a larger volume of ballots in a shorter amount of time compared to manual verification methods.
  • Accuracy: INDICIUM Ballot Processing is designed to analyze signatures with high precision, reducing the risk of human error associated with manual verification. This helps ensure that ballots are accurately validated before being tallied.
  • Security: includes advanced security features to safeguard against fraud, including encryption and authentication protocols. This enhances the integrity of the verification process and helps maintain the security of the election.
  • Full Audit & Reporting: track the verification process and verify the integrity ofresults to enhance public trust in the election process.
  • Cost-effective: save money by reducing the need for manual labor and streamlining the ballot processing workflow.
  • Intelligent: combines geometrical and analytical analysis with the intelligence of Neural Networks to arrive at a single conclusion.

INDICIUM Ballot Processing is:

  • Fast to deploy – can be installed & configured and go-live same-day
  • Easy to scale – volumes from 10K to 10M and more
  • Easy to learn – training takes 2 hours or less
  • Accurate – combines seven verifiers to analyze signature features
  • Seamless Integration – works with existing Voter Registration system
  • Configurable – verify additional information including Driver’s License number or last four digits of SSN
  • Zero downtime: system operates offline

For more information or a solution demonstration, please see our INDICIUM Ballot Processing white paper or contact BizTech Solutions.

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