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Elevate Your Content Management with INDICIUM Capture from BizTech Solutions

A robust capture system is essential for any successful content management strategy. Without precise and comprehensive capture and indexing of information, no application can function to its fullest potential. That’s where INDICIUM Capture steps in, expertly addressing the challenges of both data and document capture. It automates the essential processes of capturing, indexing, and importing documents—whether paper-based or digital—into any content management system, including SharePoint. This adaptability, combined with seamless integration into existing content management and workflow systems and precise automated indexing, makes INDICIUM Capture a favorite among our clientele.

Why Choose INDICIUM Capture?

  • Versatile Integration: Seamlessly connects with any content management system, irrespective of its manufacturer, ensuring a smooth workflow.
  • Advanced Indexing: Offers high-level automated indexing, saving time and reducing manual labor.
  • Comprehensive Capture Solutions: From barcode recognition and OCR to SQL database interfacing, it’s designed to streamline your capture processes.

INDICIUM Capture Series Components

  • INDICIUM Capture: An intuitive solution for digitizing paper documents, offering full scanner control, image enhancement, and automated indexing. It simplifies batch scanning and integrates features like barcode recognition, OCR, and SQL database interfaces for efficient data handling.
  • INDICIUM Parser: This flexible tool processes report spools, segregating documents, extracting indices, and reforming documents for streamlined content management system integration and workflow initiation. It also effortlessly manages emails, electronic faxes, and desktop documents, minimizing the need for manual capture and indexing.
  • INDICIUM Indexer: A network-friendly module enabling users to input index data for documents scanned anywhere. By decoupling indexing from capture, it allows for high-volume scanning without interruption, supporting various data lookups for index verification.
  • INDICIUM Gateway: Monitors queues for automatic importation of documents and metadata into content management systems. It handles a wide array of object types, ensuring smooth integration into your existing infrastructure.
  • INDICIUM Viewer: Instantly access documents with a hot-key launch, using index information from legacy systems. This tool integrates seamlessly with host applications, offering quick access to a broad range of documents and files across systems.
  • INDICIUM Archive: Ensures compliance with audit and regulatory requirements by compressing and storing original input files securely, accommodating both on-site and off-site storage solutions.
  • INDICIUM PDF: Converts input files of any format into Adobe PDF and/or PDF plus Text formats, enhancing content management system storage and document retrieval processes.

Embrace Efficient Document and Data Management

The INDICIUM Capture Series stands as the fourth-generation product, boasting ease of use, enterprise-grade recovery support, and browser-accessible SQL-based configuration tools for centralized administration of globally deployed modules. It serves as a pivotal gateway to your content management infrastructure, enhancing workflow processes and document management.

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