Introducing BizTech Solutions: Your Partner in Digitizing the AP Process

At BizTech Solutions, we understand the vital importance of streamlining your accounts payable processes to drive efficiency and reduce costs. That’s why we’re proud to offer Tungsten Automation’s renowned e-Invoice Network, formerly known as Kofax, tailored to meet the needs of businesses like yours.

Unlock Efficiency and Cost Savings

Our Tungsten Automation e-Invoice Network serves as a digital bridge, seamlessly connecting businesses, suppliers, and financial institutions in a secure, proprietary network. By facilitating the exchange of electronic invoices that comply with country-specific mandates, we empower businesses to automate their accounts payable workflows, streamline payments, and provide suppliers with real-time visibility into invoice status.

The Benefits of Tungsten Automation Invoice Network for Your Business:

  • Complete Invoice Digitization: Say goodbye to manual processing. Tungsten’s e-Invoice Network digitizes 100% of your invoices, providing unparalleled transaction and spend visibility for enhanced oversight and analysis.
  • Streamlined Operations: Eliminate unnecessary back-office processes and empower your front office to thrive. With no software or hardware installation required, exchanging invoice data with suppliers in any format is effortless.
  • Country Compliance: Stay ahead of legal obligations with Tungsten’s compliant network, reducing the potential for fraud and human error while future-proofing your business.
  • White Glove Supplier Onboarding: Every supplier is individually onboarded to ensure immediate benefits for both buyers and suppliers, fostering stronger relationships.
  • Reduced Costs: Achieve 90% straight-through-processing with automated exception handling, driving down operational expenses.
  • Ongoing Compliance: Stay abreast of global tax mandates with the Tungsten Automation’s team, ensuring continuous compliance without the hassle.
  • Healthier Supply Chain: Optimize processing, status updates, and Supply Chain Finance options to keep your vendors satisfied and your supply chain running smoothly.
  • Strategic Insight: Leverage Tungsten’s tools and data to deliver actionable insights, positioning your finance and procurement leaders as strategic partners within the business.

Tungsten’s e-Invoice Network offers two flexible solutions to cater to your invoicing needs:

  • Web Form Solution: Ideal for businesses with low invoice volumes, our Web Form solution enables quick online invoice creation and submission, ensuring guaranteed delivery within hours for prompt payment processing.
  • Integrated Solution: Designed for organizations with high invoice volumes, our Integrated Solution automates the entire process, extracting data directly from your billing system and delivering it seamlessly into your buyers’ finance systems.

Join countless global and regional enterprises in harnessing the power of Tungsten Invoice Network to drive efficiency, reduce costs, and unlock strategic insights. With industry-certified security, compliance, and privacy standards, you can trust BizTech Solutions to empower your digital transformation journey.

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