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Harnessing the Power of RPA and AI to Transform Industries

At BizTech Automation, a proud division of BizTech Solutions, we’re not just at the forefront of integrating Robotic Process Automation (RPA) into the heart of business operations; we’re also leading the way in blending RPA with the latest Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies. Through our strategic partnership with Tungsten Automation (previously Kofax), we bring the power of Kofax TotalAgility (KTA) and RPA technology enhanced by AI from Microsoft, Blue Orange, Resistant AI, and Copilot generative AI to revolutionize how industries operate.

Introducing Tungsten Automation’s KTA and RPA Technology

Tungsten Automation, building on its legacy as Kofax, offers robust RPA solutions designed to automate complex processes across various sectors. By leveraging Kofax TotalAgility (KTA), we offer a flexible, powerful platform for automating business workflows, improving customer engagement, and reducing operational costs.

AI Integration: A Game Changer

Our RPA solutions are supercharged with AI capabilities through seamless integration with:

  • Microsoft AI: Enhance automation with advanced analytics, cognitive services, and machine learning models.
  • Blue Orange AI: Leverage cutting-edge data science techniques for improved decision-making and operational efficiency.
  • Resistant AI: Secure your automated processes against sophisticated threats and fraud with AI-driven security.
  • Copilot Generative AI: Incorporate the latest in generative AI to innovate customer interactions, content creation, and problem-solving.

This fusion of RPA and AI not only accelerates business processes but also introduces a new level of intelligence and adaptability across all automated functions.

Sector-Specific Benefits


Incorporate AI-driven analytics for predictive healthcare outcomes, personalized patient care, and automated compliance with healthcare standards.


Enhance fraud detection with AI, automate customer service with intelligent bots, and improve risk management through advanced analytics.


Use AI to streamline claims processing with natural language processing and machine learning, ensuring accuracy and customer satisfaction.


Implement AI-enhanced RPA for predictive maintenance, optimized supply chains, and real-time market analysis.


Deploy AI-powered bots for public service delivery, automate regulatory compliance checks, and enhance citizen engagement with generative AI.

Why Choose BizTech Solution’s Automation?

  • Innovative Solutions: By combining Tungsten Automation’s RPA with AI from industry leaders, we offer unparalleled efficiency and innovation.
  • Tailored Strategies: Our solutions are customized to meet the specific needs of your industry and business.
  • Expertise and Support: Benefit from our deep expertise in RPA and AI, backed by continuous support and guidance.

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