Crowley MACH Mini Fiche Portable Microfiche Scanner

The MACH Mini Fiche scanner come in a small size with big scanning power.
The MACH Mini Fiche captures all formats of microfiche sheets in high resolution.
Designed using the industry-acclaimed Mekel Technology MACH7 production microfiche scanner as its inspiration, the Crowley-manufactured MACH Mini Fiche offers the same impressive image quality and flexible software capabilities of the production scanner in a small, easily transported model.
The MACH Mini Fiche converts all formats of microfiche and aperture cards to easily usable digital files and is ideal for institutions with smaller microfiche collections or those with multiple divisions or branches that all need scanning capabilities. Compact and reliable, the portable microfiche scanner operates via FastFiche and the Quantum software suite for a broad range of post-scan image editing and processing options.
Key Features
· Size: Small, economical footprint takes up little valuable space and allows the scanner to be safely transported. The MACH Mini Fiche is a portable microfiche scanner which fits well into existing and limited workspaces.
· Capture efficiency. A pre-scan camera locates images before they are captured to ensure that only images, and not blank film, is captured to save time and digital storage space. Files can simultaneously be saved as bitonal and grayscale images for added efficiency.
· Versatile. The MACH Mini Fiche portable microfiche scanner uses a CCD camera, condenser lens and smooth lighting to convert any type of microfiche or aperture card to a digital file.
· Image Quality: Delivering clear and consistent image quality, the MACH Mini Fiche offers automatic image adjustments such as cropping, rotation, deskew, mirroring, inverting and more.
· Production: An included external PC drives the scanner and ensures maximum uptime and easy technology updates.
· Software: Crowley’s acclaimed FastFiche software (on-the-fly capture) and Quantum software suite (advanced capture and processing) are proven, highly effective scanning and processing platforms that have proven to triple operator scanning production
· Microfiche options: Supports all standard aperture card and fiche types including: standard or long jackets; COM; AB Dick; Ultra Fiche and Microx; 16/35 mm; combo 16/35 mm; simplex or duplex; positive or negative; diazo; silver; vesicular; duplicates; cine/comic mode formats.
· Portability: A small footprint and rugged design make it easy to transport the MACH Mini from department to department or off-site for branch or client scanning projects to eliminate shipment costs and concerns.
· Line Array camera: A full 8,192 pixel CCD line array camera captures high-quality images.
· Resolution: 100-600 true optical dpi with 4x-96x reduction ratio.