Tungsten Automation (Kofax)

Tungsten Automation is pioneering the future of business efficiency with cutting-edge Intelligent Document Processing and seamless Process Orchestration, enhancing your operations through the power of AI and automation. As we move towards a more interconnected digital ecosystem, Tungsten Automation stands at the forefront, offering solutions that revolutionize how businesses interact with critical systems, data, and each other.

Intelligent Document Processing

By leveraging AI, Tungsten Automation transforms the way businesses handle unstructured data. This innovation not only streamlines the extraction of information but also unveils insights that propel operational efficiency to new heights. The era of sifting through documents manually is over. With Tungsten Automation, businesses can effortlessly access, analyze, and act upon their data, making informed decisions faster than ever before.

Seamless Process Orchestration

Imagine orchestrating your digital workflows with the finesse of a conductor leading a symphony. Tungsten Automation makes this a reality by enhancing collaboration among users, systems, and data. The automation and streamlining of business processes not only reduce errors but also unlock the full potential of your operations. It’s time to manage your digital workflows with unparalleled ease and efficiency.

Connected Systems

In today’s fast-paced world, the integration of business operations is not just a luxury but a necessity. Tungsten Automation ensures seamless connectivity across enterprise applications, legacy systems, mobile devices, and more. This holistic approach streamlines workflows, driving your efficiency and proficiency to unprecedented levels.


Workflow Automation Opportunity

Tungsten Automation empowers both the innovator and the enterprise. It offers a low-code experience that enables citizen developers, administrators, and professional developers alike to solve business problems and scale innovation across the organization. By accelerating work and driving productivity, Tungsten Automation improves employee productivity, reduces errors, and ensures adherence to processes, setting the stage for businesses to automate today and scale tomorrow with agility, governance, and security.


Modernize Your Business

With AI-driven workflows, Tungsten Automation delivers real cost savings, impactful error rate reductions, and simplified regulatory compliance. It increases both employee and customer satisfaction, preparing your workflows for a future-proof, automated world.

Industry Use Cases

Banking & Financial Services, Healthcare, Insurance, Public Sector, Retail, and Supply Chain

Tungsten Automation has revolutionized industries by providing solutions tailored to specific needs. From speeding up loan approvals in banking to streamlining patient care in healthcare, and transforming supply chain management, Tungsten Automation is a trusted partner across various sectors.

Industry Recognition

As a recognized leader in AI-powered automation, Tungsten Automation has earned accolades from Everest Group, IDC MarketScape, and Zinnov Zones, highlighting its excellence in intelligent document processing and process orchestration.


Explore Tungsten Automation’s suite of solutions, including TotalAgility, RPA, Insight, and more, designed to accelerate business processes, enhance data capture, and optimize operational business processes. Each product is a stepping stone towards transforming your organization into a more efficient, productive, and innovative entity.

In an era where efficiency and innovation are paramount, Tungsten Automation stands as a beacon of progress, guiding businesses through the complexities of digital transformation with intelligence and ease.

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