Document Management

Transform your document management with INDICIUM DM from BizTech Solutions: a powerful tool that daily empowers thousands of users to swiftly and efficiently manage hundreds of millions of records. Whether it’s in serving clients, crafting products, or safeguarding our nation, INDICIUM DM stands as the backbone of content and document management, seamlessly facilitating process automation.

Core Product Features of INDICIUM DM

  • Non-Proprietary: Our platform is designed to be open and accessible.
  • Enterprise-Ready: Built for scalability and reliability to meet the needs of large organizations.
  • Segmented Indices and Content: Organize your data with ease and precision.
  • Management Studio: A comprehensive control center for overseeing all aspects of your document management system.
  • Audit Logs: Detailed records for enhanced security and compliance.
  • Unlimited Indexing: Break free from limitations and index without constraints.
  • Multiple Client Types: Flexibility to work across different platforms.
  • Document Viewer: Access and review your documents directly within the system.

INDICIUM DM Add-on Modules

Expand the functionality of INDICIUM DM with our selection of add-on modules:

  • INDICIUM Enabler & Web Server: Enhance access and connectivity.
  • Full-Text Search: Quickly locate documents with powerful search capabilities.
  • Version Control: Keep track of document versions with ease.
  • RightFax Connector & Mail Connector: Streamline fax and email management.
  • Print Server: Simplify your document printing needs.
  • Software Development Kit (SDK): Develop custom solutions to meet your specific needs.

INDICIUM DM is more than a document management solution; it’s a comprehensive system for managing your entire content lifecycle. The INDICIUM Management Studio puts you in full control, allowing for the customization of user roles and security, workflow management, and document organization.

Our software’s open architecture integrates effortlessly with leading scan and fax capture technologies, enhancing productivity through unlimited indexing and an organized folder structure for quick information retrieval. INDICIUM DM efficiently handles all object types—be it text, images, spreadsheets, x-rays, or videos—and features extensive audit trails to monitor data access.

With full API support, INDICIUM DM seamlessly integrates with your core business software and web applications. Its ODBC compliance ensures compatibility with a wide range of database systems, fitting perfectly into any distributed computing environment. The unique storage architecture not only facilitates faster and more efficient backups but also simplifies disaster recovery processes by locking data groups to prevent unwarranted growth.

INDICIUM DM distinguishes itself with exceptional audit capabilities, ensuring that your electronic files are secure and under your control at all times. This superior level of object security allows companies to maintain absolute dominion over their data.

Elevate your document management and process automation with INDICIUM DM by BizTech Solutions—where innovation meets efficiency.

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