Smart Revenue Cycle Management

Efficient Revenue Cycle Enhancement with Fusion CAC: Combining AI-Driven CAC, CDI, Quality, and Auditing on a single unified Platform

Maintaining the financial well-being of an organization hinges on streamlined revenue cycle management. Fusion CAC revolutionizes this process by unifying critical applications like CAC, CDI, Quality, and Auditing within one comprehensive platform. This integration enables teams to work cohesively, minimizing redundant efforts and enhancing time efficiency.

Seven Consecutive Years as the Top-Rated Solution in KLAS – Fusion CAC

Award-Winning Computer-Assisted Coding: 2017-2024

Revolutionizing Revenue Cycle with Dolbey Fusion CAC Fusion CAC significantly improves the entire revenue cycle by integrating computer-assisted coding (CAC), clinical documentation improvement (CDI), and auditing into one efficient solution. It utilizes a single, AI and machine learning-powered engine, ensuring accuracy in documentation, appropriate reimbursement, and compliance with regulations. This powerful engine assists in suggesting ICD-10 and CPT codes, prioritizing tasks based on various clinical and documentation criteria, and is applicable for all types of patient encounters. The platform streamlines the coding and CDI review processes, leading to increased productivity and time savings.

Fusion CAC also features an integrated provider query module accessible to all users, facilitating seamless communication with providers. Users can create and track queries, monitor response times, and analyze the impact on quality and financial outcomes through detailed reports.

  • Increased productivity for Inpatient by 50% and 20-40% for Outpatient
  • Reduced DNFC by 22% and AR Days by 2
  • Eliminate Cost of Contract Coding/Outsourcing

A Highlight of Fusion CAC Features

The Fusion CAC platform has all the features and functionality for improving the accuracy, completeness and compliancy of clinical documentation and coding.

Concurrent, Post Discharge, Prebill and Retrospective Workflow Automatic Deficiency WorkflowCase PrioritizationCharts that meet Quality Indicators are flagged for automation.

Fusion Voice® is enterprise dictation management. From the largest hospitals and medical transcription service organizations (MTSOs) to clinics, physician offices, law offices, police departments and insurance companies, more depend on Fusion to run their daily business of dictation than any other system.

In today’s healthcare environment, where Electronic Health Records (EHR/EMR) are central, the challenge of capturing the complete patient narrative amidst a sea of checkboxes is real. Despite technological advances, it’s estimated that 60% of patient documentation still relies on traditional dictation and transcription. This highlights the crucial role of an effective dictation system in healthcare, where reliability meets user flexibility. Fusion Voice stands out by meeting these needs and offering much more.

Legal Profession

Fusion Voice centralizes your dictations, allowing seamless management and routing of all transcription work. It’s designed with HIPAA and HITECH in mind, ensuring compliance alongside advanced reporting capabilities, multiple dictation methods, and user-friendly interfaces. This makes Fusion Voice a top choice for legal dictation systems. Experience effortless transcription with Fusion Player, a PC-based software, or opt for a dedicated desktop transcription station.

Public Safety

When it comes to generating incident or claims reports swiftly and efficiently, the Fusion Voice Dictation Management System is unparalleled. Its advanced scripting features enable custom setup, guiding users through report completion via voice prompts. Sharing audio reports, both locally and remotely, is straightforward, and transcription is simplified with Fusion Player, featuring comprehensive transcription software.

Insurance Industry

Documentation consumes 40-50% of a Claims group’s time, with Adjusters needing to capture statements from various parties while on the move. Transcribing these statements and filling out forms can be arduous. Fusion Voice offers a solution to streamline this process with intuitive scripting and diverse dictation options, ensuring timely and accurate documentation critical for decision-making in claims processing.

Software Solutions

  • Fusion Player™: A PC-based transcription software that enables direct audio transcription from Fusion Voice, accessible locally or via the internet. It supports full foot pedal operation and includes speed and tone control features.
  • Fusion Dictate™: Transform any PC into a dictation station with Fusion Dictate. Utilize a professional-grade PC microphone, like the Philips SpeechMike, for high-quality dictation coupled with advanced microphone features and Fusion Dictate’s full capabilities.
  • Fusion Download™: For those who prefer dictation on a digital voice recorder, Fusion Download simplifies the process. Dock your recorder upon returning to the office, and your files are quickly offloaded and forwarded to Fusion Voice for transcription.
  • Fusion DictateEMR™: Seamlessly integrating with EMR systems, Fusion DictateEMR is a cost-effective solution that enhances dictation within EMRs. It operates in the background, enabling dictation directly into EMR fields with a Philips SpeechMike. This process uses tokens for efficient transcription handling within EMRs, without resorting to speech recognition.
  • Mobile Dictation Applications: Stay productive on the go with mobile dictation apps for iPhone®, iPad®, iPod®, or BlackBerry® smartphones. Ideal for professionals needing to send notes for transcription immediately, these apps ensure your dictations are quickly transmitted via cellular or wifi connections.