Facing the challenges of handling irregular documents, labor-intensive preparation, and constrained budgets without compromising on quality? The OPEX® Falcon® series of document scanners are ingeniously designed to merge preparation and scanning into a unified workflow, eliminating the need for separate prep stages through One-Touch scanning technology. In an era marked by labor shortages, Falcon scanners provide a critical solution to ease the recruitment pressures within your document management system. These scanners offer a streamlined, flexible approach to document management applicable across various sectors, including government, finance, healthcare, insurance, taxation, service bureaus, and business process outsourcing (BPO) industries.


Falcon scanners effortlessly manage documents of almost any dimension, thickness, or state, transforming them from their folders into digitized images and actionable data in seconds, with hardly any preparatory steps required. Even challenging materials like damaged or fragile papers, business cards, and receipts can be fed straight into the scanner, eliminating the necessity for taping or making photocopies. Equipped with OPEX CertainScan® software, Falcon scanners dramatically cut down on labor expenses and enhance efficiency by streamlining the manual and time-intensive tasks that decelerate your operations.


Boost Efficiency and Profit Margins

Elevate your profit margins by cutting down on expenses that diminish profitability. Falcon scanners help you save on labor costs, reducing the financial burden of hiring and retaining staff for document preparation, thereby enhancing your bottom line.
Expand Your Business
Liberate your operations from the limitations of manual, labor-intensive tasks and unlock new growth avenues. With Falcon scanners, you increase your processing speed with fewer staff, allowing you to offer more services to your clients and reallocate your team to tasks that add more value.

Handle Diverse Projects with Ease

Significantly elevate the quality of your customer service by managing a variety of tasks tailored to your clients’ needs. With CertainScan software, you can easily set up different scanning jobs, automatically recognizing page types and folders, minimizing manual data entry requirements.

Apply Advanced Imaging for Archival Purposes

Utilize Falcon+ scanners equipped with FADGI Image Tools to produce archival-quality, uncompressed color TIFF images at 300 dpi, ensuring compliance with FADGI standards. These scanners adeptly transition between FADGI and non-FADGI settings, keeping up with complex business demands.

Achieve Your Service-Level Agreements

Focus more on processing information rather than preparing it. By leveraging One-Touch processing, Falcon scanners streamline your workflow, enabling you to produce high-quality images swiftly, thus accelerating subsequent operations and helping you meet SLAs more efficiently.

Enhance Risk Management

Strengthen your operational security and transparency with a more efficient, safe, and secure method of transforming documents. Falcon scanners reduce the need for extensive labor, limiting the number of individuals handling sensitive data and restricting access to important documents, mitigating potential data breaches.