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Our Leadership Team

Discover the driving force behind BizTech Solutions, a leader in the AI and Business Process Automation industry. Our leadership team combines passion with unparalleled expertise to innovate and excel in a rapidly evolving market. They are not just at the helm of BizTech Solutions; they are pioneers shaping the future of technology and business efficiency.

We are dedicated ensuring customer satisfaction, and maintaining our leadership in business process automation.

Doane Hadley


Leading BizTech Solutions with an adept hand, Doane Hadley brings a wealth of experience in the AI and Business Process Automation industry. His strategic insights and forward-thinking approach have been crucial in positioning our company at the forefront of technological advancements.

Peter Ransome

Chief Stragegy Officer (CSO)

As a key player in shaping BizTech Automations’ revenue strategy, Peter Ransome brings his extensive expertise in technology and a unique perspective as an AIIM Fellow. His forward-thinking approach, combined with a passion for Golf and Fishing, has been instrumental in driving our financial growth in the AI and Business Process Automation sector.

Peter Bedell

Vice President of Strategic Accounts

Peter Bedell’s vision in business development has been a growth catalyst for BizTech Solutions in the AI and Business Process Automation industry. His strategic initiatives have expanded our market reach and forged key partnerships.

Dan Barlass

Senior Director of Product Sales

At BizTech Solutions, Dan Barliss’s expertise in product sales is pivotal in enhancing customer engagement and driving sales success in the AI and Business Process Automation market. His strategic sales approach has significantly contributed to our robust client relationships.

Jeff Hastings

Vice President of Development & Integration

Jeff Hastings is integral to the development and integration of cutting-edge solutions at BizTech Solutions. His expertise ensures our AI and Business Process Automation products are not only innovative but also seamlessly integrated, offering maximum value to our clients.

Malcolm Cooper

Lead Developer